RCC Expands iOS App Development for Customers

While FileMaker Go is a powerful database application for FMPro users, it is not free on the Apple app store. Frequently, customers want to redistribute free or very low cost applications, making FileMaker Go an unacceptable solution due to its minimum price of $19.99 for iPhone and $39.99 for iPad. For this reason, RCC is using other technologies to develop low-cost apps for our customers. One such app was built for Century Helicopter and is available for both iPhone and iPad. This app focuses on helicopter safety as well as providing sales and promotional information for Century’s line of aircraft.


Additionally, RCC has teamed up with Front Sight Firearm Institute to develop a low cost app for distributing Front Sight’s 45-page manual for the iPhone and iPad. The app outlines the basics of firearm training as well as preparation for firearm training at Front Sight Nevada.


If you would like to see a free or low cost app developed for your organization feel free to email Richard Carlton Consulting at info@rcconsulting.com.