Solid-State Hard Drives With FileMaker Servers

RCC has aggressively worked with customers to develop faster FileMaker Servers. Some FileMaker solutions involve very large file systems or very large user groups. Sometimes the problem is a combination of the two. For this reason, slow performance may result in an unacceptable user experience. Even with a well-designed database, the sheer volume of data may overwhelm the server itself, affecting overall performance. The introduction of solid-state hard drives to FileMaker Server has been one of the biggest transformational improvements ever. Over the last few years, RCC has been deploying FileMaker Servers with solid-state hard drives. In doing so we have seen great performance improvements. Tasks that used to take 7-8 minutes to perform have been recorded to take about 14 seconds. The previous SATA level (2) was clocked at 100 times faster than an average 5400-RPM hard drive. The latest generation of the SATA technology (3) has been recently released both on the Windows and Macintosh platforms. Without getting into the technical details of this technology, it has the ability to double the speeds that solid-state hard drives operate. Some I.T. managers find this fact to be highly irritating since brand new $799 Mac Minis operating on solid-state hard drives now easily outpace $10,000 servers that were purchased 3 years ago.

If you are interested in exploring SSDs, feel free to contact Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. or contact your I.T. manager and tell him you want SATA 3, and don’t take no for an answer!