Using FileMaker to Place Automated Phone Calls

RCC now has the ability to easily integrate automated phone calls with our customers’ FileMaker solutions. This is not meant as a telemarketing spamming tool, but is intended to augment email notifications for mission-critical communications. For example: if a vacation resort cancels a reservation for a customer, an email confirmation of that action would occur. The customer may never see this email for multiple reasons such as issues including spam filtering or his own inattentiveness. Therefore it might be advantageous to backstop critical emails with an automated phone call.

Automated phone call notifications can be of value for three main reasons:

1. There is no current email address on file for the contact.

2. The user doesn’t regularly read their email, so we cannot guarantee that it will be read.

3. The email may be intercepted by spam filtering systems and never be delivered to the user.

With an inexpensive subscription to a monthly service, RCC can enable FileMaker databases to easily send out automated phone calls at any time of the day.

For more information, contact Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. or contact your FileMaker engineer about automated phone calling using FileMaker.