Century iPhone/iPad App Press Release

Century App Press Release September 12, 2011


Century Helicopters, in partnership with Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. (RCC), is pleased to announcethe immediate availability of two free iOS applications focused on radio control helicopter safety.

These iOS applications are free to download from the Apple App Store, and each is individually formatted for either the iPhone or the iPad. They contain information and links regarding radio control helicopter safety and a checklist that RC pilots may consider using when operating such aircraft.

“The Century Helicopter application is very useful for pilots and is extremely informative,” adds Myles Debski, lead developer of these Century applications. “While developing these applications, we focused on the importance of safety when operating RC helicopters. Of course, being an app that Apple had to approve, we needed to ensured that these apps be made visually appealing.”

While one application is designed for the screen size of the iPhone and the other for the iPad, both contain the same content and make heavy use of videos that are streamed to the application from the Internet. For best performance while running these applications, users should be connected to a WiFi network.

Richard Carlton, CEO of RCC asserts,

These helicopter safety applications make great reference material and also showcase the use of iOS applications that promote knowledge for a particular market segment.”

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iPhone, iPad, and iOS are trademarks of Apple, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries.

Watch Video Overview of these Applications: iOS app overview

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