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Repost from March 16, 2011

I am pleased to announce that Richard Carlton Consulting is close to releasing a FREE FileMaker template for the job placement and recruiting industry.  This free tool is called RCC Recruiter, and will be available at www.rccrecruiter.com.  RCC Recruiter is designed to organize and dramatically improve efficiency of companies involved in corporate recruitment.  This FileMaker template supports multiple recruiters to simultaneously collaborating with each other, and sharing information about candidates, open requisitions, and resumes.  All candidate communication can be managed through RCC Recruiter, a centralized location to organize the latest information regarding a candidate or open requisition.  RCC Recruiter allows the actual candidate’s resume to be digitally stored inside the recruiter database.

RCC Recruiter was spawned from numerous requests in the industry for a FileMaker Recruiting tool that is easy to understand and customize.  RCC Recruiter was built from scratch for use in a fortune 500 corporate recruiting department, and is designed to be easily understood and customizable without the need for advanced FileMaker knowledge.

Richard Carlton Consulting is happy to add RCC Recruiter, to our long line of free FileMaker solutions available for download on our website.  Companies that would like professional customization for RCC Recruiter are encouraged to contact Richard Carlton Consulting to discuss their needs as well as the overall capabilities of the RCC Recruiter and the FileMaker platform.

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