Watch Richard’s FileMaker Devcon 2011 Presentation on Sync!

I am happy to make available my DevCon session from 2011. It covers the issues of Synchronization with Filemaker Go, which is FileMaker’s iPad/iPhone mobile version of FileMaker. This session was a real challenge to put together and we couldn’t do it justice in the amount of time we had. There is about another hour of video content and sample files on our website that support our session. The recording is obviously not of the live session because that is not permitted by FileMaker. This is a recording of a practice session so if you missed it live, you’ll still get all the benefits.

We look forward to seeing you in Florida in 2012 at Devcon. Maybe i’ll be presenting again!

My Devcon 2011 Presentation: Sync Strategies with FileMaker Go

For even more videos and materials regarding sync strategies go to: