“Knee Deep in FileMaker Go”…. and a product briefing

Hello everyone!   Just a quick note…  Along with two other companies, RCConsulting has been fortunate enough to be invited to work with FileMaker on FM Go for the past several months.  We provided testing and feedback to FileMaker engineers as the product was being completed and readied for market.  As a result, we are one of the few organizations with enough experience to talk about FM Go in a public forum at this time.

Never ones to shy away from helping to promote FileMaker, over the next 6 weeks we are rolling out a series of events at local venues, briefing customers on FM Go in person.  These events will be formally announced next week, but the dates are:

South San Francisco, CA – Aug 30th
Santa Clara, CA – Aug 31st
Emeryville, CA – Sept 1st
Sacramento, CA – Sept 2nd

These sessions are co-sponsored by RCC and FileMaker, Inc.  We anticipate a high level of interest in this exciting new technology, so attendance will be capped at 100 people per event.