FileMaker Go Announced!

FileMaker, Inc. announced today the release of its FileMaker software for use on the iPhone and iPad mobiledevices.  This new software is called “FileMaker Go” and is available at the “App Store” for $19.99 on the iPhone, and $39.99 on the iPad. No multi-user purchases available at this time.

This is an exciting event for the FileMaker community as it allows mobile access to our FileMaker files in ways that have not been possible before, and in a very cost-effective manner.

Remote users can now use their iPad or iPhone to connect to already existing databases running on FileMaker Server.  While remote access to hosted databases will be hugely popular, FileMaker Go users can also run database that are stored locally on their individual iPhone or iPad.

Designed for users who are in motion, FMGo is great for:

·   Outside Sales and Support Staff

·   Building iPad-based Product Catalogs

·   Remote situational awareness of your business operations

·   Warehouse and inventory activities

·    Anywhere a laptop or workstation is not practical

For more information and a practical demo, watch our Informative Videos:

FM Go Overview for Existing FileMaker Users (12:46)

FM Go for iPad Control Overview (3:40)

FileMaker Go Technical Video (13:59)

FM Go iPhone Menu Control Overview