FM Go FREE Training Tool!

Richard Carlton Consulting has released a FileMaker Go training tool, designed to help Developers learn the functional differences between FileMaker Pro (for the desktop), and FileMaker Go (for the iPhone and iPad).

While FileMaker Go is fundamentally FileMaker, it does have certain limitations that are specific to iOS – the iPhone and iPad operating systems – as well as inherent limitations associated with Mobile devices.

We developed the FileMaker Go training tool as a way of helping our internal staff of twenty FileMaker developers rapidly learn the ins and outs of FileMaker Go. However, it soon became obvious that the tool would be appreciated by the FileMaker community as a whole.  Therefore, we are making this available immediately as a free download from the RCConsulting website.

If you believe that we have omitted an important training tip from our tool, feel free to email the information to  We anticipate numerous updates to the FM Go training tool, so be sure to check back frequently to download the updated versions!

FM Go Training Tool