“FileMaker Put the Fork into XSLT – Told You So”

So recently FileMaker corrected a long standing mistake by putting a fork in XSLT.   XSLT was FileMaker’s web published brain child … back in the days of FileMaker Pro 7.  FMI believed that XML would make a better web publishing tool, than then industry standard PHP.    Never mind that everyone and their grandma (ok, well maybe not Grandma) was using PHP for web publishing.  I personally begged … at the time…with the responsible parties…not to go down this road, but to support the open PHP.   No Dice.   So about 5 years later…the mistake is corrected by putting XSLT out of its misery.

From the Fork’s Mouth:   “We would like to give you notice that the XSLT API will not be included in the new web publishing architecture in the next version of FileMaker software, and the XSLT Site assistant will be removed from FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced. As FileMaker software evolves, the APIs and technologies it supports may change and less efficient interfaces may be deprecated in favor of new ones. Since Custom Web Publishing with XSLT will be deprecated, FileMaker, Inc. recommends that if you are using this API that you migrate your solution to use PHP or alternative features of the product to reproduce the same functionality in your solutions.”