Superheroes & FileMaker Consultants

The Variety of Heroes
by Jonathan Ray

Superhero movies have become a motion picture fad in recent years. Heroes that most never even knew existed in comics are topping the box offices every month is seems. Whether illustrated in comic books or pictured in special effect on a plasma screen, the wonder and curiosity of a superhero never loses its thrill.

Though there are more comic superstars than there are Jelly Belly flavors, there are just two that we are going to be focusing on for a bit: Superman and Batman. FileMaker developers are one of the two…always. Now, before I totally lose you on this eccentric comparison, read on a bit and you will catch what I am getting at.

If you are not an avid comic buff and are not familiar with these two guys, I will provide some quick background. Superman is the all‐in‐one type of guy. He is THE original superhero. Superman can do anything and everything. His resume reads: can fly faster than a speeding bullet, can use see through objects, is bullet proof, and in has hearing better than a canine. He’s not even human.

Batman, on the other hand, was home grown in Gothom city…the farthest thing from Krypton. He was born with no unique power, unlike the multi‐talented, S‐chested Metropolisite. The Bat had to be trained, had to create his own gadgets, mend his own wounds after a fight, etc. etc. Batman is the farthest thing from invincible.

Now to my point…and you thought I was never going to get to it! When a distressed customer is in peril and his pain level is past the point of morphine cure, which hero is the best choice? Which caped rockstar is the man for the job and why? The answer of course: Batman… and I’ll tell you why.

I will admit, Superman is the obvious choice at first glance. He’s got serious born ability, a suave look, and a knockout girlfriend to boot. But our good ol’ red underwear wearing friend works alone. He doesn’t need help, so he doesn’t use help. On the flipside, Batman employs a team of youngsters to help him on his adventures. Sure, the Bat could handle almost any situation alone and every so often does. But overall, he is a team player.

Through the Batman comic history, our dark knight took on three hero juniors and trained them. At first, they were more a hassle than a help, but eventually they started contributing in a big way. In time, they assisted in relieving victims of their pain, and they even flew solo on a couple adventures. After a while, each one established themselves in their own town and trained their own little juniors. Oh, and I forgot to mention…on several occasions these little capers bailed big o’ Batman out of a jam!

This is polar opposite of greased hair Superman. “Train a junior? Ha, why would I try and train a junior if he can never do what I do? Team spirit? Ha, I am the team.” Sure, Superman gets the job done, but he does it all by himself.

Okay, so you may still not see the big difference between our two heroes. The both get the job done…just in their own unique way. I argue that there is a right way and a wrong way. Batman sets up a team of people who will be able to do the same thing he himself is doing. He takes the long, painstaking hours to replicate himself in the guys helping. They even wear the same style dress and logos ;‐) As a bonus to him, they develop skills that compliment and further protect the Bat as well. All of this has kept Batman living. He has NEVER died in comic or movie history!

Superman is another story. Because he had every right to be arrogant and never train backup, he had an epic ending. In 1993, Superman died fighting the Doomsday machine. The comic was labeled, “The Legacy of Superman.” Both Doomsday and Superman died in the streets of Metropolis with their limbs scattered throughout the street, making a big mess for all eyes to see (including other heroes). Comic strip writers found no luck in attempts to resurrect him. He was gone for good. This all happened because he had a weakness…as all heroes do.

Our world is composed of a strange conglomerate of people. Everyone is unique, and I often laugh myself to tears observing how “special” some people really are. The fact is though, FileMaker developers are not so diverse. They end up falling into two groups…always.

‐ Jonathan Ray