FileMaker 11 Ships! – Videos

New Feature Mother Lode
Whenever a new version of a program surfaces, there are two questions that are asked:  1) How can this help me immediately?  2) And, are the benefits worth the upgrade?

The new features of FileMaker 11 are divided between benefits to end users and the developers themselves.  For a quick business overview of the features that will directly benefit end users, click this link to watch our introductory video:  FileMaker 11 Overview Video

Charting: Charts paint pictures that lists of numbers cannot. Unfortunately, FileMaker has relied on third-party plug-ins and hat tricks for charts — until now! The ability to add charts right inside FileMaker is a breath of fresh air for users and developers alike. Click here to watch an RCC overview of Charting in FileMaker 11 Video

Quick Find: Created with the user in mind, this feature allows for searching on multiple fields at one time. This will prove to be a much-appreciated time saver and adds assurance to a user’s experience.

Invoice Starter Solution: This time around, FileMaker comes equipped with a practical, real-world Invoicing solution.  It allows small businesses to track Companies, Products, and Invoices out of the box. RCC senior engineers Richard Carlton and Michael Prescott discuss noteworthy items in this FileMaker 11 Invoice Solution Video