Compatibility Issues with FileMaker on Windows 7

Finally, Microsoft’s newest member of the Windows family is here. Substantially lighter and supposedly faster – Windows 7 arrives after three years in the making with some nifty new goodies.  Already a huge success over its predecessor, Vista, it is now time for the applications to play catch-up and fix the issues inherited with any operating system upgrade.  If you’re continuing to use an older version of FileMaker Pro, we recommend you do not upgrade to Windows 7.  At a minimum, check the list of possible problems below.

FileMaker Pro 10 and Pro 10 Advanced:  Compatible with Windows 7.  Follow the instructions with the product.  Some known issues:

FileMaker Server 10 and Server 10 Advanced:  NOT Compatible with Windows 7:

Earlier versions may install on Windows 7, but are not certified and definitely not recommended.  To avoid the hassle of dealing with instability and installation problems, we recommend using current FileMaker software.